Hey wanna see the most powerful couple? Shut up and read it below: :P

Bulla and Steve Edit

Bulla and steve are a good relationship , they each play their part In their relationship thats what makes it work well. <3 Keep up the Love you two <3

What do i think? -Midori Phénix Edit

They are a great Couple, They are both royal and helpful to each other , and an awesome couple in my decision.I think they should be the most awesome couple of the year! I also like how steve keeps Bulla happy whenever she has a bad day. I think they are certainly meant for each other. They have been together as long as i can count. You guys are awesome keep up the love ya guys! <3

What do you think? - Tayler Edit

I think Steve and Bulla are a great couple! So cute. ♥

What do you think ? - MiriEdit

I feel that Steve X Bulla were like meant to be! They can be alike in so many ways it's hilarious. It's like, Bulla's the female Steve. I never knew that Steve would find his soulmate :) I'm so proud of him. At first, Steve was just a user that no one liked, that is, until he started hanging with LT more. Until then, on September, he met his one true love, Bulla. The new girl on DB Wiki. I remember when me and her first met, I thought she was a slut at first, until I got to know her more. She was a very sweet angel. She was also very funny. The next thing I know, Bulla tells me that she's dating someone named "Gangnamstyling". I never knew that Bulla and Steve would still be together until this very day. ILY Bulla x Steve.  

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