Wanna see the cutest couple ever? Read all about it today :)

Luka And Josh Edit

I never thought i would say this but Luka and josh are a great couple. They love and care for each other.They both play parts in this Relation ship. They have been Royal and helpful to each other. they were voted the cutest couple ever on wiki.

How it all started Edit

Josh and Luka have been madly in love each other. and i don't blame him Luka is pretty and we all think they are meant for each other. This is how it all began there team romance dream has come true, they have nothing to loose, only to gain. Let them be Happy for the rest of their lives .Josh, or in this case "Sarah" by Luka's lover, Josh, have been together for a long time. They promised that they will never leave each other until they leave Wiki. Although, at first, when they first met each other, Luka did not like Josh. She always called him an "asshat". Josh didn't really care. After a few weeks, Luka PM's her sister, Miri, about how she liked him. And then that's when it all started. <3 stay happy <3


Girlz are everything news writer = Midori Phénix , Miricle1778

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