Midori Phénix
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Midori Phénix (みどりフェニックス)


Midori Phénix





Current Location:

Montréal Canada


Defeating evil spirits


Fighting , Sports , Food , Sword fighting.


Tuna , Cold weather.

Controlled by:

User:Midori Phénix


Midori is Sometimes a nice girl, but reminding her of her past makes her angry and evil. She is nice to all her friends. She can also be a bit harsh, theres a few times where shes cold blooded and mean. But she does this to protect the people she love.


Midori is a red hot fire girl with a large sword. She has Red hair , with Red eyes. She is a saiyan/Human Hybrid. 

Background Edit

Midori Phénix doesnt like to talk about her past. Her past only has death , and sufforing to her Loved ones. Midori was only 10 years old. Her parenst were killed in a car accident. After that Midori runs away and lives in fear and hunger. Midori lost hope and was left to die. Midori has been training with acient gods . shes been taught they ways of the swords. this is what makes her a warrior today.

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