Choosing a characterEdit

You can choose any character from any anime show. You can rename them too and be creative with them, it's your character! The article of your character must have at least a 1 paragraph introduction about themself. (Must be at least 5-7 sentences.) Do not worry if you do not know how to add an infobox, an admin/b'crat or founder will fix that for you. The rest of the info can be at least 1-2 paragraphs too. No 1 sentences allowed, you will be asked to add more, or it will be deleted. Grammar errors, spellings will be fixed ASAP by an admin/founder or rollback.

Other infoEdit

Like it says above, it can be 1- 2 paragraphs long. The backstory can be 2.. 3..4 paragraphs long.  No copying and pasting information from another show onto your character, that's no creativity at all! :( 


Your character can have up to about 5 abilities. They will have to start up small and then they will work their way up when training. During the RP sessions when fighting, no godmodding (Godmodding = Dogging every attack, not getting affected and just cheating.) or cheating. In anime shows, no anime character godmod! So why should you? With weapons, it doesn't matter how many weapons you have, your character might not have any special ablities, which is okay. :)


When you start creating a character, you are to NOT have any transformations at all. They are to train to have their transformation. If they sucessfully pass their training, then yes, they may have a transformation and then they can work their way up. You only can have up to 8 transformations, but do not over use them or show them off.

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