Article rulesEdit

  • No vandeling.
  • No editing anyone's pages without anyone's permission.
  • No making rude comments.
  • No spam comments.
  • Be respectful to other's article's made, I'm sure they work very hard on it.
  • Admins/B'crats/Founder, no deleting others pages with his/her's permission.
  • No making parody pages of users.
  • No posting porn articles.
  • You may create fanfiction, but it must be anime related.
  • No blood/Gore fanfictions allowed, they will be deleted right on sight.
  • No useless articles.

Chat rulesEdit

  • No starting arguments
  • No spamming more than 4 times.
  • No insulting others.
  • No being bossy to chat mods/admins/b'crats
  • You may curse, but not addressing it to others; Such as: "You're a bitch! You dick, go die in a fucking hole"
  • No being racist.
  • Do not make fun of others religous.
  • No posting Yaoi/Yuri pictures.
  • No hentai pictures.
  • No ascii art.
  • No sexual harassment in PM or in main chat.
  • No sexual topics.


  • No abusing power
  • No deleting pages without a good reason
  • No spamming more than 5 times.
  • No cursing out regular users in another language. That goes for regular users too.
  • No posting anything nasty.

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